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"Sinne Brink is a contemporary artist who somehow, unknowingly, found herself embodying one of the most essential qualities of modern humour and cultural communication as found in the online world. With a potent humorous foundation behind every artwork, comes visual imagery that captures hysterical archetypes, reoccurring trends, fashions as well as ironic takes of imagery that are idealised in a satirical, technical and underhanded visual image in a variety of mediums. Having been painting since “her mum shat her out”, her natural pre-disposition to seek out comedy in imagery not only finds beauty in the bleak chaos of the world, but also in its simplicity and it’s ridiculous bearer – the online world. Sinne Brink’s art is hers, herself and what she will and wants to do. "

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Written by very drunk Anonymous Critic


2024, 8/9/10 Maart, Grasnapolsky, Scheemda, De Kunstsmederij

2024 Maart, residentie DonderBoerKamp

2023 D11 Residentie Greece

2023 Bout Advocaten, Groningen

2023 'In Line Out of Sight; In Sight out of Line 'Pictura Groningen

2023 Graduation, 'FUTURE' de toekomst, Groningen

2023 Greenlights, EM2, Groningen 

2022 "Halfway point" - Minerva, Groningen

2022 "Maydays" - Lust, Groningen 


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